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Coal Dust and Cave Mud
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Drawn to Darkness
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Blue Skies of August
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Pushing The Limit
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Challenges of Life
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The Trout Pond
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Pindiana Jones


From this page you can explore a cave, download free cave mapping software, and check out the latest books and articles I have published.

CAPS is a well tested cave mapping software program with many features, for example you can have text files, pictures or cross sections of the cave displayed by simply by clicking on the map. Other information about the closest station will be also be displayed. 

CAPS can be downloaded from [].  Contact:

Click on above image to explore on this page or click here to EXPLORE CAVE on full screen.

Last cave data update made on 2/15/2010 Java is required to explore cave You may have to set Java security level to MEDIUM

The Pettyjohn Cave tour will open a new window for viewing when you enter a new section of cave. There are now three Cave Registers or Guest Books you can sign and add comments, However you must find them! Note: If you have a download Internet connection slower than 15,000 Kbps, you may experence a delay in displaying the images.

Explore a Georgia Cave, Pettyjohn Cave. Check back often, more will be added later. Be sure to sign the register located at the end of the East Stream Passage. More registers will be added at the end of each major passage. You can only read these if you explore and find them.

Pettyjohn Cave now has over 7 Miles of level surveyed passage! As of July,19 2003.

More information about Pettyjohn/Pettijohn Cave...

Survey history and raw data of Mile 1
Survey history and raw data of Mile 2
Survey history and raw data of Mile 3
Updated   Survey history and raw data of Mile 4 2/12/2013
Survey history and raw data of Mile 5
Survey history and raw data of Mile 6
Survey history and raw data of Mile 7
Survey history and raw data of Mile 8 under way
Tour the latest survey in Pettyjohn September 20,2008
Caving Adventure '04
Jon McCutchen Cave Trip July 2, 2006
Pete Zefo Cave Trip February 23, 2008

Pettyjohn cave map. Pdf format. See below for the most curent maps.

Each map is 18"X24" with trim marks in two corners, click on map section to download the Pdf file.

If you were involved with a survey in Pettyjohn Cave and your name is not listed, Please let us know so we can update the Survey names. If you have or know of someone who has survey data not shown please help us update our maps.

View a 3-D model of Pettyjohn Cave on Google Earth.

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